Spaceships and Cancer now at Powell's & Strand

Here's a photo of my book at Powell's in Portland. (Thanks to Kevin Sampsell for the photo. Creamy Bullets is awesome, btw.)

It says "Casper Kelly is the new king of goofball genius." You hear that, former king of goofball genius?!  There's a new king of goofball genius in town! This sign says so! But do not fear, former k.o.g.g., I am no Joffrey Baratheon and will permit you to spend your dotage peacefully on a modest estate on the coast of my kingdom of goofball geniusness.

My book is also for sale at the Strand in NY. Big thanks to Carson Moss.

Also huge thanks to the amazing Alex Barrett for the hook up. This has been a lifelong dream to have my book in a book store. To have my book in cool bookstores in cities I've always dreamed of living in, all the better. I am now envious of where my books get to live.