Humor enthusiasts!

I'd like to tell you about a book I lucked upon. It is a collection of funny bitlets by a host of amazing writers and artists. Stray thoughts:

1. A lot of the pieces are by Onion and Daily Show writers. It is great to see them have a chance to write some things non-Oniony/non-Daily-Showy.
2. I read it cover to cover and didn't skip around. That is rare for me. It's that good!
3. More than a few of the pieces I was jealous I hadn't thought of first. Always a good sign. For example, Plathy is a mash-up between Sylvia Plath and the Cathy comic strip. Yes, I know you hate the word "mash-up", so do I, but we live in a fast changing world and must use the words at hand to describe these new and fast changing things. I guess I could have used "juxtaposition."
4. I'm also jealous of the title. I feel like I've read at least a half dozen works of fiction that describe breasts as pendulous and yet never stopped to think how silly that sounds. I want to say two of the works were by John Updike. (I like John Updike, not trying to be snarky there. Not excessively snarky, anyway.)
5. Sadly it is not put out quarterly. It's just the one. Go ahead and pick up it up!
6. Oh yeah, proceeds go to the 826 National tutoring program.